PostHeaderIcon The absolute alternative to traditional heating!

What is the alternative of our proposal? It is necessary to digress. During our entire life we were surrounded by traditional (convective) heating. We are so accustomed to an endless chain of pipes, to kinds of radiators sizzling air in our apartments and houses, boilers, pipelines, etc., that we are sure it cannot be in the other way, because it was always so. However, if you look closely at the space surrounding us, it is easy to notice that the world to which no man put his hand, it looks radically different. The source of heat in the earth is the sun, which is millions of kilometers away from our planet. The sun radiates infrared (IR) rays that pass millions of kilometers at the speed of light, without losing its energy. When they encounter an obstacle in the form of a solid material, the rays are absorbed, and it is heated. Further, the air gets heated from the land. People turned everything upside down. If you remember school physics course, you will remember that we were repeatedly told that the air is a poor conductor of heat, and due to this property we have made our windows multi-chambered. Nevertheless, this heat transfer agent has been used for centuries. We burn fuel to heat the heat transfer agent (oil, water), which is transferred to the radiators, which are designed so that the maximum amount of air flows around its hot surface and heats up. As the temperature of radiator is high enough, the air in the room is rapidly losing moisture. Hot air is dispersed and is lighter than cold, so it rushes up. It is due to this effect the temperature in the room with the traditional heating is extremely heterogeneous, it is maximal at the ceiling, and the floor at the same time remains uncomfortably cool. Another side effect of conventional heating is invisible clouds of dust, which are carried with the air flow. When using conventional heating, it is very difficult to track the set temperature, because this system is very inert, and the result is open windows, by means of which we try to reduce the temperature in the room, at the same time releasing very expensive heat into the atmosphere. No matter how much you try, the temperature of objects and enclosing structures (walls, floor, ceiling) will be lower than the air temperature. Our heating system uses natural principle of heat transfer - it is placed on the ceiling surface (agree, it is nonstandard), when applying an electric current to the membranous elements of electric heater, the latter begin to emit infrared rays which when reaching solids (floor, walls, etc.) heat them, and they give some heat to the surrounding air in return. In this case, the rate of air flow is lower because temperature on the surface of the membranous electric heater does not exceed + 45 ° C, room humidity remains natural, and the floor and walls will be warmer than the air, that is perceived very positively by our body. Thus we are able to follow the principle - "keep your feet warm, and the head cool."