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PostHeaderIcon What is far infrared radiation?

Dr. Toshiba Yamazaki has a clinic in Japan where she still continues her medical studies in the field of infrared radiation. In her book "The Science of the therapeutic impact of far infrared rays," she discusses the scientific principles of far infrared ray treatment, and lists many interesting clinical case histories.

Health Company - the only company in the world, which since 1996 in collaboration with scientists at the Medical University of Twente (Netherlands) under the supervision of prof. Rasquera, conducts research in the field of far infrared radiation in medicine. In addition, a number of research laboratories in the USA (Dr, Masao Nakamura «O & P Medical Clinik», Dr. Mikkel Aland «Infrared Therapy Researches» et al.) report of effects of far-infrared radiation obtained during the investigation:

- Suppressing growth of cancer cells;
- Destroying some types of HCV;
- Neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields;
- Cure of dystrophy;

- Increase in the amount of insulin of diabetics;
- Neutralization of the effects of radiation exposure;
- Treatment of liver cirrhosis;
- Cure or significant improvement in psoriasis.

 Thus infrared waves as opposed to ultraviolet and X-rays are absolutely harmless to humans.

Each band of infrared waves has its own penetrating ability through the atmosphere (air) and through human skin. Infrared waves in range of far-infrared radiation pass through the air substantially without heating it. And also can penetrate deeply directly into the human body. Infrared radiation with wavelengths of about 7 to 14 micrometers penetrates not only under the human skin, but also on the cellular level, triggering the enzymatic reaction. With these waves future mothers radiate the fetus from its conception to its birth. Modern biotechnology research has shown that it is far infrared radiation is of paramount importance in the development of all forms of life on Earth. For this reason it is also called biogenic rays or beams of life.

Our body emits long infrared waves itself, but it also needs constant nourishment with long-wave heat. If this radiation begins to decrease or there is no constant feed of the human body with it, the body is under attack of various diseases, people are aging rapidly with the general deterioration of health.

Since the constant absorption of infrared rays helps to tidal forces and the health of our body, people instinctively look for its source. There is person who does not like to "stay in the sun" or sit by the fire.

And what if there is no opportunity or time to do it? Then devices using special emitters of long wave infrared radiation created by it for everyday use at work and home, come to the aid of man.

Far infrared radiation normalizes the exchange process and eliminates the cause of disease, not just its symptoms. Studies on the use of penetrating far infrared radiation continue worldwide.