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PostHeaderIcon Drying complex universal 2010 (for wood products)









The principle of Drying complex universal 2010 is focused through an infrared heating through metal which at a temperature of 45 degrees becomes transparent to infrared radiation. As a basis we took a sea container of 20 feet. By heating the dried material with infrared, moisture comes out from the inside of the material, forming the perspiration on the surface, which locks the further passage of the infrared beam and further heating. Properly chosen ventilation and mixing (alignment), removing surface moisture from the material, allowing the passage of the infrared beam, increases the sampling rate of moisture twice. Ventilation operates in two modes - the temperature and humidity. Setting the temperature and humidity is set by a mode (Auto). When adjusting all the parameters we have versatility.


Installation Options of Drying complex universal -2010

Overall dimensions: length, 5.6m; width-2.0m; height-2.0m

Power consumption of heating - 33 kW


Power consumption of engines - mixing, 2kW, ventilation- 2kW

Average power consumption - 10-15 kW / h for 4-5 days of installation work



The average productivity - 1 cm / day

Work downloadable volume (8-10) cubic meters

Working cycle - semi-automatic

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