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PostHeaderIcon What is the benefit of far infrared radiation?

Products based on the use of long (far) infrared radiation, can have two kinds of positive effects on the human body. The first type is associated with a tonic effect on the body and the maintenance of human health, the result of which is the prevention of disease and premature aging. This kind of impact, helping the body to prevent or cope with the majority of ailments, is based on enhancing the natural resistance to disease, increase of immunity. Thus, it is a form of therapy based on the principles of health maintenance, and radically different from chemotherapy and surgery. Therefore, it is suitable for large-scale ubiquitous domestic use (home and work), and for various health centers and medical institutions in the form of physiotherapy.

The second kind of positive far-infrared radiation on the human body is the direct treatment of common ailments and diseases. We face common ailments almost every day of our lives. In these cases the products using infrared radiation in its long-wavelength part, can have a direct therapeutic effect. Currently, there are numerous results of products using long-wave infrared radiation in various medical institutions in Japan, USA, China, Canada, Europe, the CIS countries. Unfortunately, in Russia there are practically no results similar medical applications, but after the appearance of the relevant products in Russia, the situation would change dramatically.

Infrared waves penetrate deeply into the body, heat tissues, organs, muscles, bones and joints. Due to this the flow of blood and other body fluids is accelerating. Increasing blood circulation in the muscles increases the metabolic exchange (metabolism - the metabolism - a set of chemical reactions that result in the synthesis of substances or decay and release of energy; during metabolism body perceives the substance from the environment (mainly food), which, undergoing profound changes, are converted to the compounds of the organism to which the components of the body), which in its turn enhances the action of the immune system, improves muscle power and abruptly increases oxygen supply.