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PostHeaderIcon Infrared heaters are practical.

Construction of traditional heating systems often requires significant capital investment (laying roads, wiring pipes, etc.) and takes a lot of time. For the installation of infrared heaters you will need a minimum of time and money. If you move you will easily remove and take the membranous heater to install it in the new place.

Installing radiant heaters in the ceiling or on the suspension allows you to keep walls and floors free, increasing the useful volume of the room. In the case of increased requirements to the design of premises, heating problems are solved elegantly by decorating as a suspended ceiling. Infrared heaters provide rapid, compared to conventional systems, space heating, since all the energy is transmitted to the occupied zone. This peculiarity helps to reduce the temperature in the night hours, weekends and holidays, which significantly reduces energy consumption.

Infrared heaters are compatible with all the ventilation systems, as their work does not lead to the circulation of air currents that could affect the operation of the ventilation systems.

Where the capacity of the existing heating system is not enough, infrared heaters will become simple and inexpensive solution as a supplementary heat source.

Infrared heaters are used where by the requirements on the technology it is necessary to maintain the surface temperature rise, for example, at the accelerated hardening of reinforced concrete details or drying painted parts.