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PostHeaderIcon Infrared heaters save energy.

When using infrared heaters we can afford to decrease the temperature by a few degrees, but the "perceived" temperature will remain the same as the decrease in air temperature will be offset by "radiation" additive. The person will feel a higher temperature due to the direct absorption of energy from the device. Lowering the temperature by 1 degree gives 5% energy saving!

Infrared heaters are the only heaters that allow for zonal or spot heating. In the case of spot heating in different parts of the room the different temperature regimes can be maintained. For example, if working places are at a considerable distance from each other, the premise in a whole should not have the same temperature. Even from the standpoint of comfort, various operating situations require different temperatures.

With traditional convection heating systems, we are faced with the fact that the air temperature varies in height - the system has a high temperature gradient. Infrared heaters allow you to avoid this waste of the temperature distribution, since no air is heated, and the heat is transferred on surface of solid objects. There is no excessive heating of air, temperature is equalized between floor and ceiling, which allows for 15-40% energy saving.

Temperature gradient (° C / m - the temperature increase per unit height) is very low when using infrared devices: approximately 0,3 ° C / m. When heating using hot air or convector, there are significantly higher temperature gradients - 2,5 and 1,7 ° C / m.