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PostHeaderIcon Infrared heaters increase comfort.

Staying in an area with low thermal insulation (e.g. near a window) will cause discomfort. Infrared heaters installed in these areas will help to compensate for the heat loss and provide comfort.

The work of infrared equipment causes no air circulation in the room, which guarantees the absence of drafts. Devices installed in such a zone block movement of cold air and provide a comfortable stay of a person next to the window by his direct absorption of heat energy.

Items that are in the range of infrared heaters will have a temperature slightly higher than the air temperature. Contact with them will not cause human discomfort.

Modern electronics controlling the operation of the infrared heaters in pulsed maintains the temperature of the instrument at a constant level due to the thermal inertia of the heating surface. Fine adjustment avoids allocation of excess capacity and provides a special "softness" of the heating system.

Due to the reduced turbulence in the air in a room, a turbulence of dust particles is limited; therefore the possible occurrence of various diseases decreases, such as asthma, inflammations of mucous membranes, etc.

By raising the temperature of the walls the possibility of condensation is reduced; humidity is not significantly changed.