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PostHeaderIcon Power consumption

Power consumption on average over the heating season can be:

- Housing - from 5 to 11 kW / h per 1 sq.m. of heated area in a month

- Administrative - from 8 to 14.5 kW / h per 1 sq.m. of heated area in a month

- Household - from 11 to 18 kW / h per 1 sq.m. of heated area in a month

- Production - from 14 to 22 kW / h per 1 sq.m. of heated area in a month

Terms of power consumption:

- Building (room) came to mode (this period can be up to 4 weeks);

- Building (room) corresponds to State building codes of Ukraine V.2.6-31: 2006 "Thermal isolation of premises”;

- Ceiling height is not more than 3.5 meters for residential buildings;

- The temperature on the thermostat is +20 ° C;

- Natural ventilation;

- The mains voltage corresponds to the rated voltage of the product.

The resistance of heat transfer of walling reflected in the State building codes of Ukraine for each region sets the minimum required value from the point of view of the modern approach to power saving.
First of all, the system of membranous electric heaters heats enclosing surface. Therefore it is very important that these surfaces could retain heat, that is to have sufficient thermal resistance. And with an electric membranous heater it is much more important than for convective heating method, because the air temperature increase is a side effect and may begin no earlier than raising the temperature of enclosing surfaces (mostly floor). With insufficient thermal resistance design thermal energy goes through the enclosing surface.