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1 May I set one thermostat for two rooms?
2 How many do I need for one room?
3 Does this “lamp” light the room?
4 Can I mount the heaters by myself?
5 What is the temperature the radiator heats to?
6 Why do I need the thermostat?
7 Hence, a 1 kW heater will "work" 1kW / h?
8 Is infrared heater is suitable for summer cottage / home / baths / greenhouse / workshop / stadium / warehouse / ...?
9 Is infrared heater something like a microwave?
10 How does heater affect health?
11 How does the infrared heater work?
12 How does the regulator change the current in the circuit?
13 What are the sizes of the heater?
14 What is the length of wire of the heater?
15 Can the heaters be used without thermostatic devices?
16 Can I leave heaters unattended?
17 What does the height of the heated premise affect?
18 Does the heater dry the air?
19 Can I sunbathe under the heater?
20 Why heaters are not equipped with a thermostat, if regulators are so necessary?
21 Why is it calculated not according to the volume space, but to the area?
22 Why is the temperature of the floor higher? The warm air rises to the top!
23 What cross-section of wire is needed to connect the heater?
24 How many thermostats do I need?
25 So how much electricity will consume an infrared heater?
26 I have a wood / pendant / plastic ceiling. Does not it burn up?
27 The voltage at my summer cottage “jumps”. Does it affect the heaters somehow?
28 What else is necessary for work of the heater(s)?
29 What is an infrared heater?
30 What is the heating element in the heater? Is there some spiral?